Serving Maine and Nanticoke, NY

About Us

The Maine Emergency Squad, Inc. is a full service emergency squad providing emergency medical services to the five rural hamlets that make up the Towns of Maine and Nanticoke since 2003. The Squad is comprised of dedicated volunteer and paid professionals who all work very hard to provide the highest level of EMS care available in New York State. Our emergency vehicles and state of the art lifesaving equipment is professionally maintained and kept in “ready to roll” condition at all times.


Our primary responsibility is to provide emergency medical care to our community during an emergency.  We also provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) assist services to our neighboring communities. We frequently respond to medical emergencies, traumatic injuries, motor vehicle crashes and most fires. When not responding to emergency calls, the Squad also provides stand by coverage to various sporting and community events in the area. In addition to our 911 services, we are a regional Training Center for many types of medical classes. Our goal is to train you on how to make a difference in your community, and potentially save a life!


Located in the Nanticoke Valley, our response area covers a large area nearing 70 square miles. The Squad covers several popular recreational destinations including camp grounds, parks, outdoor use trails and hunting areas. We also provide primary EMS response services to the Greater Binghamton Regional Airport.

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